Thelen’s compost product is 100% organic material produced from yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves and brush. This product is free of any sort of manure. The quality our compost possesses is due to our stringent yard waste receiving guidelines, thorough aeration process and four unique screening processes.

In order to produce our stand alone quality all three of these steps are vital to achieve maximum quality. The entire process takes anywhere from 60-90 days depending on the weather. During that period of time the compost reaches anywhere from 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit and is turned over an average of 10 times within the production time frame. After the 60- to 90-days, our straight compost product is screened once down to a 3/8″ size.

When our compost is blended with either/both sand and topsoil, the compost screening process is repeated through an 8mm size screen eliminating, to the best of our ability, the small twigs or sticks that have found their way through the initial screening.

Our strict waste receiving guidelines, our superior scientific knowledge on the production of compost, and our in-depth screening processes allow Thelen Organics to achieve the utmost quality in our compost. We are confident that no other compost products will achieve this quality standard and represent the same value as the Thelen’s compost products.